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Ian & his Support Team


"Great software is not enough. It needs to be backed up by exceptional ongoing support"


What can I expect from Voyager Support?

Our Support engineers are vibrant and friendly 'can-doers' who have the skills and experience to address your needs and recommend a way forward. They’re also real humans, based in Basingstoke Hampshire and so when you call you’ll be connected to a polite, professional support engineer who’s happy to take your call.

They’ll take your details, ask questions to fully understand your requirement and book the appropriate resource and find the solution. They’ll also document the call and email you confirmation on how things are progressing.

Our engineers have a deep technical understanding of Recruitment and our solutions and so you can be assured of a great service and timely resolution.

I’ve worked in the Support Department at Voyager for more than a little while now and I’ve seen our Support facility adapt in the way we operate to accommodate the changing market. Whilst we retain the human touch in favour of form filling we recognise that customers are expecting more and more from their Software Support departments, and I’m proud to run one of the best Support facilities the industry has to offer.

As standard, we offer an 0800 Support line, Online Training Clinics, Remote Access Support and truly care about the service you receive, and so I’d love any feedback.

Our people are great, but they’ve also got some fantastic tools at their fingertips. Tools that allow me to track, manage and support them in a way that has kept us at the forefront of our industry.

Voyager Support facts:

  1. Firstly it’s free to call us on 0800 008 6262 – and from most mobiles!
  2. We’re proud to have an 8 second average response time
  3. Upgrade and fixes are included as part of your support contract
  4. Online Training Clinics are FREE for all users to attend 
  5. All calls are logged and prioritised to ensure the best of service
  6. All staff are trained to be professional and friendly, as well as having an in-depth product knowledge
  7. If you prefer to email we have a monitored support
  8. We have an extensive ‘Customer Portal’
  9. ‘F1 Help’ is updated and maintained to ensure a super speedy resolution to simple enquiries
  10. Users are sent an automated support notification to advise of the assigned priority
  11. We make sure we use easily understood and recognisable language and terminology

How has support changed?

We’re at the forefront when it comes to utilising the latest support tools for our customers.
We have the latest remote access tools at our fingertips and so when paired with our Encrypted storage systems means we can provide the necessary support, and at a moment’s notice if required. We also appreciated that not all users have the same technical ability and so use common sense language and save the techno-babble for the techies!
With Voyager Infinity – we use error trapping technology so it’s likely we’ll know about your issue before you’ve had a chance to repost it!