Download Infinity SaaS

Installation Guide

  • This is a link to the latest version of Infinity SaaS.
  • Once you have downloaded the app, make sure that you have closed down both Outlook and Word (infinity will remind and prompt you to do this during the installation if you leave them open). 
  • Next if you have AVAST anti-virus it is advised that you disable it during the install, this can be done by right-clicking on the AVAST icon in the toolbar, and selecting the ‘Disable for 10 minutes’ option, this will ensure that the install isn’t interrupted in the middle.
    Disable AVAST
  • One you have done the above steps right-click on the download and select the ‘Run as administrator’ option, this will ensue that Infinity has the correct privileges to install its components and Office add ins:
    Run As Admin

  • The rest of the installation is a case of clicking ‘Next’ on the installer when prompted to.

Anti-Virus and Firewall Exclusions

Before launching the client for the first time after installation, it is advised that you add the following to your Anti-Virus software exclusions (it may be necessary for you to forward this to your IT if you have a managed solution) the folders will differ, depending on if your Windows machine is 32 or 64 bit operating system. 

C:\Program Files\Voyager Software
C:\Program Files(x86)\Voyager Software

Additionally, to make sure that there is no delay in communications to the database we would recommend adding the following to you firewall whitelist settings:

The IP for the SaaS application which, at the time of writing this document, for our West Europe region is As the IP may change on the Azure platform, it's better to use the FQDN of
The ports used by Infinity, which are in the range 38000 to 38008 (inclusive)

Final Steps

The final step when launching your Saas client for the first time is to enter your instance code provided to you on the welcome email. This will be a series of numbers with part of your company name, for example: 123456789VOY1, again this is not specific to a single user, so everyone will need to use the same code to access your database.

 Voyager Instance Code

After this, you have successfully installed Infinity and completed the pre-requisites and can login with the account provided to you by your Internal Infinity admin, or the account details provided to you on the welcome email!