Secure data migration

You're in safe hands


Probably the most critical part of any implementation is getting the data conversion right. This is particularly true for recruitment businesses whose personnel and business data is the lifeblood of the company. Not only must the conversion be secure and accurate, but also rapid; for recruiters everywhere lost time represents lost business.

Meticulous planning is therefore required to ensure that: all data is converted into the right format; no data is lost, and data conversion is performed just once. At Voyager, we ensure that the Project Manager takes overall responsibility and that throughout the operation, close liaison is maintained with the relevant customer representative to ensure that the data conversion is completed within agreed timescales.

We have extensive experience in data conversion and over the last decade have encountered many different types of businesses and encountered many differing challenges. We use this knowledge to make each and every data conversion as smooth as possible. We also ensure that if and when problems do occur, we have the appropriate backup and support available to solve issues quickly.