Upcoming FREE Training WEBINARS

Webinars run twice a month on different aspects of using Infinity, below is a list of upcoming webinar topics with links to sign up.  Once you are signed up you will receive joining instructions and will receive the password prior to it starting

Bulk Mailings - Friday 16th October 10:30 - 11:00

How to break down searches into manageable amounts for mailings, including a variety of common search scenarios used for mailshots.

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CV Submission - Friday 6th November 10:30 - 11:00

Editing PDF and MS Word CVs submitted against jobs or on a speculative basis

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Candidate Record - Friday 13th November 10:30 - 11:00

Overview of fully completing the candidate record, including references, ICE, Reviews, accurately skilling and updating Quals and Certs

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Xmas Cards - Friday 11th December 10:30 - 11:00

Xmas Cards, editing and preparing Xmas card templates and emailing them to candidates of clients

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Temps Planner - Friday 18th December 10:30 - 11:00

How to use the planner to plan ahead and extend bookings

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Housekeeping - Friday 8th January 10:30 - 11:00

Closing down old jobs and interviews, identifying candidates and clients who you haven’t had recent contact with to tidy your database

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Creating Placements - Friday 13th January 10:30 - 11:00

Completing all the placement page info and sending out placement confirmations to candidates and clients

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Tutorial and demonstration videos of Infinity, including 3rd party integrations


  • Infinity Search Part 1Infinity Search Part 1

    Infinity Search Part 1

    Search Basics

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  • Infinity Search Part 2Infinity Search Part 2

    Infinity Search Part 2

    Search Results

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  • Infinity Search Part 3Infinity Search Part 3

    Infinity Search Part 3

    Job Search and Results

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  • Infinity Search Part 4Infinity Search Part 4

    Infinity Search Part 4

    Advanced Searching

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  • CV SubmittingCV Submitting

    CV Submitting

    The basics of submitting CV's within Infinity

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  • Editing a CVEditing a CV

    Editing a CV

    The basics of editing CV's within Infinity

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  • iCaptureiCapture


    Basics of utilising iCapture to parse CV's

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  • Broadbean IntegrationBroadbean Integration

    Broadbean Integration

    A video demonstrating the Broadbean integration

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  • Synety IntegrationSynety Integration

    Synety Integration

    A video demonstrating Synety's Cloudcall integration, calling out and accessing the call recordings

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  • LogicMelon SetupLogicMelon Setup

    LogicMelon Setup

    How to set up your LogicMelon account within Infinity to enable posting and processing applications

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  • LogicMelon Posting JobsLogicMelon Posting Jobs

    LogicMelon Posting Jobs

    A demonstration of how to post jobs to LogicMelon

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  • LogicMelon ApplicationsLogicMelon Applications

    LogicMelon Applications

    A demonstration of accessing and processing applications within Infinity

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  • MailChimp Integration

    MailChimp Integration

    A video demonstrating Infinity's MailChimp integration, including setting it up and an overview of MailChimp

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  • Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    A demonstration of setting up intergration with Time Sheet Portal

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  • LegalEsign Intergration

    LegalEsign Intergration

    An overview of Infinity's integration with Legalesign

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  • ISV Online Intergration

    ISV Online Intergration

    Set assessments or training courses for candidates using ISV Online's extensive library or even custom test suite

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Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation

Security, Resilience & DR

Access here

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides

Press F1 within Infinity to access the user and admin manuals

Access here

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WEBINAR Recordings

Video recordings of our FREE webinars which run twice a month utilising GoToMeeting software

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  • Business DevelopmentBusiness Development

    Business Development

    Utilising Infinity features for Business Development, using searches, mailshot export and event logging

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  • SearchingSearching


    Searching, Candidate and Contact Search - utilising search criteria to create lists for bulk emailing/shortlisting

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  • CV BuildersCV Builders

    CV Builders

    CV Builders – How to create a builder to incorporate a coversheet, formatting and header & footers for your CV’s

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  • Compliance WebinarCompliance Webinar

    Compliance Webinar

    how to setup and utilise Infinity to manage compliance for Perm, Contract and FIxed Term jobs

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  • User Options WebinarUser Options Webinar

    User Options Webinar

    A Review of the User Options, to allow you set defaults and other settings to enhance your experience.

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  • iResearch WebinariResearch Webinar

    iResearch Webinar

    How to search LinkedIn and then export the profile to iCapture to create a candidate record

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  • Top Tips WebinarTop Tips Webinar

    Top Tips Webinar

    Top Tips Webinar - A look through some of our frequently asked training questions and the quick wins to get the most out of using Infinity

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  • Templates WebinarTemplates Webinar

    Templates Webinar

    how to create, edit and manage your email templates within Infinity

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  • Reporting WebinarReporting Webinar

    Reporting Webinar

    A look through the reporting suite within Infinity

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  • Word SKills WebinarWord SKills Webinar

    Word SKills Webinar

    A look at efficient use of Word, understanding what all those buttons you never use, actually do

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  • Christmas Card WebinarChristmas Card Webinar

    Christmas Card Webinar

    A run through the process of setting up a Christmas E-Card, completing a search and bulk mailshot. 

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  • Boolean WebinarBoolean Webinar

    Boolean Webinar

    The in's and out's of using Boolean within Infinity's search

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  • iCapture WebinariCapture Webinar

    iCapture Webinar

    Overview of utilising iCapture to create candidates on Infinity

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  • Skills DictionariesSkills Dictionaries

    Skills Dictionaries

    Updated Skills dictionary Clinic - adding job titles, attributes, quals, synonyms and score types to the system, including transferring skills from Attributes to Job Titles

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  • Contact Management WebinarContact Management Webinar

    Contact Management Webinar

    Utilising Infinity to monitor and maintain key contacts, using automated call backs, tasks and events

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  • Voyager Business Intelligence WebinarVoyager Business Intelligence Webinar

    Voyager Business Intelligence Webinar

    Introducing our state of the art reporting portal, using Power BI to generate inactive analytics.

    NOTE: SaaS only (on premise to come soon)


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  • Auto Registration WebinarAuto Registration Webinar

    Auto Registration Webinar

    An overview of Infinity's in built facility to register candidates directly into Infinity

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  • Duplicate Candidates WebinarDuplicate Candidates Webinar

    Duplicate Candidates Webinar

    An overview of managing the duplicate list, including merging candidate records

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  • Privacy Audit Webinar (part 1)Privacy Audit Webinar (part 1)

    Privacy Audit Webinar (part 1)

    GDPR Renewals Webinar – February 2020

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  • Privacy Audit Webinar (part 2)Privacy Audit Webinar (part 2)

    Privacy Audit Webinar (part 2)

    GDPR Renewals Webinar – April 2020

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  • Housekeeping WebinarHousekeeping Webinar

    Housekeeping Webinar

    How to cleanse your database and ensure you keep on top of Infinity to ensure you get the best results.  Includes Candidate searching, bulk updating and bulk deleting, inactive Company searching and more...

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  • Latest Enhancements 6Latest Enhancements 6

    Latest Enhancements 6

    Has Infinity been upgraded recently or want to see what new enhancements have been added to the system.  The story of 3.37 to 4.10

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