Upcoming FREE Training WEBINARS

 Webinars run twice a month on different aspects of using Infinity, below is a list of upcoming webinar topics with links to sign up.  Once you are signed up you will receive joining instructions and will receive the password prior to it starting

Templates and Merge-fields Webinar - Friday 24th May 10:30 - 11:00

Learn to create templates and forms that look professional and reduce admin.

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iCapture Webinar - Friday 7th June 10:30 - 11:00

When parsing CVs, are you making the most of accurately skilling and preventing duplicate records?

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Trainers Top Tips Webinar - Friday 21st June 10:30 - 11:00

Let our trainers share their top hints and tips for timesaving and efficiency.

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Latest Enhancements Webinar - Friday 5th July 10:30 - 11:00

Join us to find out what new functionality has been added in the last quarter.

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GDPR Compliance & Renewals Webinar - Friday 19th July 10:30 - 11:00

How to tackle GDPR renewals for existing candidates and remain compliant.

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Business Rules Webinar - Friday 2nd August 10:30 - 11:00

Would you like to prevent unformatted CV's being sent by accident, or candidates with expired qualifications being sent out to work?

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Speculative CV Submissions and CV Builders Webinar - Friday 23rd August 10:30 - 11:00

Create professional CV submissions and raise your candidates' profiles.

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Qualifications and Certificates Compliance Webinar - Friday 13th September 10:30 - 11:00

Manage qualifications and certificates with alerts and notifications to assist with compliance.

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Latest Enhancements Webinar - Friday 20th September 10:30 - 11:00

Join us to find out what new functionality has been added in the last quarter.

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Quick Steps and Scheduled Comms Webinar - Friday 4th October 10:30 - 11:00

Learn how to save time and automate responses to reduce admin.

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Custom Fields Webinar - Friday 18th October 10:30 - 11:00

Create custom fields for bespoke information, form personalisation and additional industry specific fields.

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Lists and Shortlists Webinar - Friday 8th November 10:30 - 11:00

Manage lists and shortlists effectively.

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AI Webinar - Friday 22nd November 10:30 - 11:00

Learn how to use AI to assist with workflow and processes.

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Seasons Greetings Cards Webinar - Friday 6th December 10:30 - 11:00

Learn how to create lists and templates for mailing out seasons greetings cards.

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Basic Searching Webinar - Friday 20th December 10:30 - 11:00

Searching essentials - Creating basic search criteria.

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Tutorial and demonstration videos of Infinity, including 3rd party integrations


  • CV SubmittingCV Submitting

    CV Submitting

    The basics of submitting CV's within Infinity

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  • Editing a CVEditing a CV

    Editing a CV

    The basics of editing CV's within Infinity

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  • iCaptureiCapture


    Basics of utilising iCapture to parse CV's

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  • Broadbean IntegrationBroadbean Integration

    Broadbean Integration

    A video demonstrating the Broadbean integration

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  • Synety IntegrationSynety Integration

    Synety Integration

    A video demonstrating Synety's Cloudcall integration, calling out and accessing the call recordings

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  • LogicMelon IntegrationLogicMelon Integration

    LogicMelon Integration

    A demonstration of how to Post Jobs, manage applications and setup LogicMelon integration

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  • MailChimp Integration

    MailChimp Integration

    A video demonstrating Infinity's MailChimp integration, including setting it up and an overview of MailChimp

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  • Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    Setting up Time Sheet Portal Intergration

    A demonstration of setting up intergration with Time Sheet Portal

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  • Legalesign Integration

    Legalesign Integration

    An overview of Infinity's integration with Legalesign

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  • ISV Online Intergration

    ISV Online Intergration

    Set assessments or training courses for candidates using ISV Online's extensive library or even custom test suite

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  • RingCentral Intergration

    RingCentral Intergration

    A look at our RingCentral integration, including making / receiving calls and setting up integration with your softphone

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Supporting Documentation

Supporting Documentation

Security, Resilience & DR

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WEBINAR Recordings

Video recordings of our FREE webinars which run twice a month utilising GoToMeeting software

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  • iResearch WebinariResearch Webinar

    iResearch Webinar

    Learn how to access candidate CV's from job boards and social media sites to download candidates to icapture.

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  • Reporting WebinarReporting Webinar

    Reporting Webinar

    Investigate our frequently used reports and learn how to automatically schedule and email them to colleagues.

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  • Advanced SearchingAdvanced Searching

    Advanced Searching

    Overview of completing advanced Searching within Infinity

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  • Managing TempsManaging Temps

    Managing Temps

    A run-through of the Temps process within Infinity, for fast-paced compliance, availability checking and placements

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  • Infinity Copilot (AI)Infinity Copilot (AI)

    Infinity Copilot (AI)

    Using the Infinity Copilot AI tool to enhance your searches, data and emails.

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  • Voyager Business Intelligence WebinarVoyager Business Intelligence Webinar

    Voyager Business Intelligence Webinar

    Voyager BUsiness Intelligence, visualise your data (SaaS only) 

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  • Data ManagementData Management

    Data Management

    Utilise the data management area to identify duplicate candidate and company records.

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  • Searching OverviewSearching Overview

    Searching Overview

    Get to grips with searching within Infinity, using skills, text and fields searching.

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  • Latest EnhancementsLatest Enhancements

    Latest Enhancements

    Find out what's new in the latest updates and enhancements

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  • Leads WebinarLeads Webinar

    Leads Webinar

    An overivew of the Leads area and how to upload initial business leads through to qualifying them

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  • Duplicate Candidate WebinarDuplicate Candidate Webinar

    Duplicate Candidate Webinar

    How to use the merging facility within Infinity

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  • Boolean WebinarBoolean Webinar

    Boolean Webinar

    The in's and out's of using Boolean within Infinity's search

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  • Christmas Card WebinarChristmas Card Webinar

    Christmas Card Webinar

    How to use and edit xmas card templates to send candidate or client mailings

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  • Word MasterclassWord Masterclass

    Word Masterclass

     Some hints and tips of using Microsoft Word both in and out of Infinity

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  • Email Templates WebinarEmail Templates Webinar

    Email Templates Webinar

    A look through the creation and managing of email/SMS/Postal templates

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  • Lists and Shortlists WebinarLists and Shortlists Webinar

    Lists and Shortlists Webinar

    how to create, review and return to lists and shortlists you have created

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  • Business Rules WebinarBusiness Rules Webinar

    Business Rules Webinar

    Overview of workflows to ensure your compliance and internal processes are being followed 

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  • TalentGraph WebinarTalentGraph Webinar

    TalentGraph Webinar

    Overview of the TalentGraph and demonstration of searching over 500 million profiles within the TalentGraph, offering a great resourcing and business development feature

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  • ISV Integration WebinarISV Integration Webinar

    ISV Integration Webinar

    Overview and demonstration of our ISV integration, send online skills test to candidates and review their results. With guest speaker David Little

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  • Business Development WebinarBusiness Development Webinar

    Business Development Webinar

    Use Infinity to develop your business, using data to search for who you need to market to, bulk email, set follow ups and complete the cycle of  business development

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  • Trust ID WebinarTrust ID Webinar

    Trust ID Webinar

    Demonstrating Infinity's intergration with TrustID, offering an efficient way to manage Right to Work checks for your Perm, Contract and Temp candidates.

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  • Quick Steps WebinarQuick Steps Webinar

    Quick Steps Webinar

    Automate emails, SMS, call backs using our Quick Steps feature

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  • GDPR Renewals WebinarGDPR Renewals Webinar

    GDPR Renewals Webinar

    Overview of managing GDPR renewals within Infinity

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  • Housekeeping WebinarHousekeeping Webinar

    Housekeeping Webinar

    A webinar on how to complete some housekeeping of your system

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  • Mid Office Integration WebinarMid Office Integration Webinar

    Mid Office Integration Webinar

    Overview of our Infinity and Mid Office two way integration

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  • Bulk Emailing WebinarBulk Emailing Webinar

    Bulk Emailing Webinar

    A look at utilising search to create lists for Bulk Emailing

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  • Company Record WebinarCompany Record Webinar

    Company Record Webinar

    Creating new Company, location and contact records

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  • Custom Fields WebinarCustom Fields Webinar

    Custom Fields Webinar

    Creating custom fields and adding the custom merge fields to templates

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  • iResearch WebinariResearch Webinar

    iResearch Webinar

    How to search LinkedIn and then export the profile to iCapture to create a candidate record

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  • Compliance WebinarCompliance Webinar

    Compliance Webinar

    Overview of compliance within Infinity, including a look at business rules relating to compliance

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  • CV Submit WebinarCV Submit Webinar

    CV Submit Webinar

    Editing PDF and MS Word CVs submitted against jobs or on a speculative basis

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  • Data Cleansing WebinarData Cleansing Webinar

    Data Cleansing Webinar

    How to cleanse your database and ensure you keep on top of Infinity to ensure you get the best results

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  • Job Posting WebinarJob Posting Webinar

    Job Posting Webinar

    A review of posting jobs via Broadbean / LogicMelon 

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  • GDPR WebinarGDPR Webinar

    GDPR Webinar

    GDPR Webinar – A look at our Privacy Audit feature, including Restrictions, Suppression and consent / Legitimate Interest processes

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  • iCapture WebinariCapture Webinar

    iCapture Webinar

    Overview of utilising iCapture to create candidates on Infinity

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  • Skills DictionariesSkills Dictionaries

    Skills Dictionaries

    Updated Skills dictionary Clinic - adding job titles, attributes, quals, synonyms and score types to the system, including transferring skills from Attributes to Job Titles

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  • CV Builders WebinarCV Builders Webinar

    CV Builders Webinar

    CV Builders – How to create a builder to incorporate a coversheet, formatting and header & footers for your CV’s

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  • Top Tips WebinarTop Tips Webinar

    Top Tips Webinar

    Top Tips Webinar - A look through some of our frequently asked training questions and the quick wins to get the most out of using Infinity

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  • Permissions WebinarPermissions Webinar

    Permissions Webinar

    A review of premissions within Infinity

    Click to launch

  • All About InterviewsAll About Interviews

    All About Interviews

    All About interviews

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