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  "Ongoing care is just as important as a smooth implementation at Voyager"

It’s really important that our client relations team are always friendly and approachable. Be warned, our team loves nothing more than to have a natter with our customers but they’re also super responsive to our client's enquiries and needs. Recruiters often require a fast response, sometimes an immediate one, and that’s what we aim to deliver.

We are the ‘Go-To People’ at Voyager, some call us the Voyager puppeteers!

Whilst we may not have all the answers we’ll ensure your questions are dealt with professionally and in a timely fashion. We’re surrounded by some of the greatest minds in the industry and so even if we can’t answer your question ourselves, we’ll get the answer and get right back to you.

In short, if you have a question we’re here to help. From adding new users, organising training, helping you pay a bill or simply offering some help and advice on helping you grow your business. Offering the best service starts by getting to know you and your recruitment business.

Things move really fast in recruitment and so we work just as hard to stay in touch. We tend to find that customers appreciate a regular catch-up call and so we aim to call you every now and then just to say hi.

Good service means different things to different people

Whilst we love to natter with our growing customers, we also recognise that sometimes things require a little immediacy. We’re here to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment, understand the latest bells and whistles and to ensure your account is running exactly as you’d like.

Make sure you let us know your preferred method of communication.

Our vibrant customers are just great. They’re a really interesting bunch of people and come from all walks of life – a bit like us, but with a little notice, we can work wonders (and like below, occasionally perform the odd miracle)!

I’ll not say which customer but there was an occasion when I received a text from a frantic agency owner who was just getting on a plane but had forgotten to buy an additional license and book them on the training clinic. With a quick SMS confirmation, I was able to forward a quote, book them on the session, and forward a training manual with links to the latest training videos. The customer was delighted that we were able to work so swiftly, I’m sure they had a nice holiday!

As you’d expect, here at Voyager we’re surrounded by amazing technology which ensures all departments share the same information. There is a real continuity of care across the company we know customers just love that.
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