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Martin & his Development Team

Sadly I’m no Mystic Meg and so I can’t pretend I know the future - but I can tell you how we’ll get there and that you’ll enjoy the trip.

I can tell you how we’ll make the journey, the method of transport and reassure you that there will be plenty of refreshment breaks along the way, regular map checking and the opportunity to stretch your legs and take in the view. 

Let me explain.  ‘Be Agile’ – our methodology

The software world moves fast, really fast and there is all too often too much mystery around Software development and what it entails. In many companies, developers sit behind closed doors, in dark rooms whilst the rest of the company waits longingly for the next software release - only to find it’s not quite what everyone had expected, and it's 6 months late. But not at Voyager Software.

‘Agile’ is a process, almost a ‘belief’ that we all work towards.

It’s an alternative to traditional project management techniques and allows my dynamic team to work faster, more accurately and pause for thought along the way. Crucially we stop to get feedback and guidance from the Coaches to ensure we’re on the right path and heading for success. (‘Coaches’ are User Groups, Voyager Management and those on the product steering committee)

By being ‘Agile’ we’re able to cut down large jobs into smaller, more manageable tasks.

A bit like running a Marathon, focus on the next water stop not the entire journey ahead, refresh, pause for thought and carry on.

At Voyager we recognise that no-one really knows what the future holds, but our development techniques ensure we've got a suggested roadmap into the future. Here in the Development team, we’re flexible enough to deliver regular software updates, fully tested and on a platform that’s hugely scalable. What’s not to like?