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LEENA and hER Projects Team

We've implemented literally hundreds of systems in recruitment agencies, large and small, throughout the UK, Australia and beyond. Each implementation has required close collaboration with the customer to ensure that we have a detailed understanding of their business and how it operates and meticulous planning to ensure a smooth implementation with minimal disruption.

It's important for many different reasons that the implementation is as trouble-free as possible. We believe that first impressions really do matter; we, therefore, go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the implementation from customisation and integration to testing and training is performed thoroughly and professionally, with the minimum of fuss.

Recruitment businesses rely wholly on their systems regardless as to whether they are fully automated, spreadsheet-based or manual.  To have no system is tantamount to having no business. Any system change can, therefore, be a cause of considerable concern to any recruitment agency. For that reason, here at Voyager, we have an excellent Project Management Team to help guide you seamlessly through the project.

What makes a good Project Manager?

Good and frequent communication is key for any successful project. It’s imperative that everybody is on the same page and understands what’s required and involved for them each step of the way. Transparency is therefore also a vital ingredient, any hidden details can have huge ramifications later on in the process.

A great Project Manager is someone who is able to anticipate any potential project roadblocks and ensure these get noticed and addressed before the project even kicks off.

Voyager has delivered literally 1000’s of projects over the years, of various sizes and complication and so for us flexible and continual planning is also necessary. It helps to remember that customers’ requirements often differ hugely, even if it’s thought that all Recruitment teams and businesses are similar, we don’t believe they are.

Why do we need Project Planning?

We like to think of ourselves as your super-friendly translator and guide and we’ll hold your hand through the process every step of the way. At Voyager you’ll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who’ll act as a focal point for all of the parties involved from your side. This could include internal IT teams or external consultants, web developers, your users, any third party integrations and any other stakeholder.

What makes a project successful?

Moving to a new platform can be daunting if not properly planned, and that’s why my team is here to help.

We’ve got bucket loads of experience and the team is made up of Ex-Recruiters, experienced Voyager Users, Technical Support staff and dedicated data specialist teams so you’re in safe hands with people who appreciate and understand your business requirements.

We’ll help you plan the entire process from start to finish and ensure larger more challenging aspects of the project (like data conversion for example) is partitioned into manageable bite-sized pieces.

We pull on the experience of the thousands of implementations we’ve worked on over the years so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We look forward to working with you.

Leena Authwall, Global Project Delivery Director

Voyager Projects10

As ex-recruiters we recognise the concerns associated with system change and we therefore ensure that all aspects of any implementation, however trivial, are planned, co-ordinated and undertaken efficiently with minimum disruption to your business. In order to achieve this, we appoint an experienced project manager as the sole point of contact who is responsible for the implementation from planning through to completion.

How was your Voyager project?


  • "Our needs were Understood and we were offered very clear advice. The project was delivered on time. Training was delivered very well."

  • "Very flexible and good product. I had used the product and I love it. The sales person was great and they explained the features and everything else the systems can do."

  • "It is obvious your team believe in the product."

  • "Throughout the project they went above and beyond to helps us understand and use the system. Good level of communication throughout the project."

  • “Everyone at Voyager has been fantastic, really pleased with how the project went and everyone has been really helpful.”


Naturally over the years we have managed thousands of different projects and our project managers have gained extensive experience with all types and sizes of recruitment agency. We, at all times, work closely with our customers to manage expectations and ensure that there are no hidden surprises.