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Voyager's Training team are highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers, with a wealth of experience in training and/or recruitment and members of the Institute of Trainers (IIT). All our trainers are permanent employees and therefore we do not contract out any of our customer training, that means that not only are our trainers involved in delivering first class product training, they are also involved in the development testing and implementation of our products.

The training team is well established here, having all been with Voyager for at least 3 years we have an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process and have worked with Clients in hundreds of different industry types and sectors. We are constantly updating and developing our training support materials and videos to help you, but we are also available to call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we understand that each customer’s needs are unique and working processes can vary greatly from company to company.

We also offer free monthly clinic’s which are extremely popular with existing clients.  In 2015 over 1000 attendees dialed in to listen to our training tips and advice on key product functionality.

Training Delivery

It’s very important to us that each new customer gets off to a flying start and that means that every Client has the opportunity to select a training programme that will suit their business needs, with this in mind we have developed a wide range of courses and training options, both for initial product training and for once you are more established with using our products.

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If you are looking for your staff to train without the usual workplace distractions you could train in our dedicated training suite, here at our office. We also offer convenient face to face training at your premises, your staff dial into our training database via Citrix and our trainer will train in the office using an overhead projector.

By far the most popular option, because it allows our customers to split the training up over a couple of days minimising staff downtime and the impact that training will have on their day to day business, is our exceptional online training using GoToTraining, the latest technology in online classrooms. During these interactive online sessions, trainers will not only guide you through our products, but also share the environment by handing the mouse over to pupils, conduct mini tests, polls and activities during the session, and give consultants the chance to write on the screen and practice what they have been shown. Before and after training there is also the option for trainee’s to store materials such as workbooks and guides to download and use at a later date.

It’s very important to us that each new customer gets off to a flying start and that means that every Client has the opportunity to select a training programme that will suit their business needs, with this in mind we have developed a wide range of courses and training options, both for initial product training and for once you are more established with using our products.

Training Course options

To unlock the full potential of our Voyager products why not book some follow-on training to make sure that you are making excellent use of all the functionality. We have a number of courses available including;

  • New Starters – Make sure the right processes are being followed from day one
  • Admin – Learn the operations side of the product, by configuring permissions, business rules, templates and user settings as well as discovering the products KPI and reporting potential.
  • Train the Trainer – Send key members of staff for a more in-depth user course to gain enough product knowledge to be able to train others in your office.
  • Floor Walking – Post-go-live, have a trainer on-site for the day to work with your staff using real-life examples and be available for any initial questions, giving that extra support to the admin or management team.
  • Enhancement or follow on – Useful if you have been using the product for a while and want to see if you are missing out on any benefits or functionality.
  • Training Needs – Complete a Training Needs Analysis for your staff and lets the trainers advise on key areas that may need additional support and suggest a training plan.
  • Consultation – Let us spend some time in your office reviewing your current business process and offer guidance for system data and improvements
  • Bespoke – Need extra training in one key area, you set the agenda and tell discuss with a trainer a session specifically designed for your needs and requirements.

Meet the Trainers

DebbieHerringDebbie Herring – As Training Manager, I am privileged to lead up the amazing team of trainers below. I have now been with Voyager for over 9 years and have been training software for 11 years. Previous to training software I worked in recruitment for over 13 years, firstly as a consultant and later as a Manager and in-house Trainer. Voyager takes its training very seriously and to add to my previous qualifications of NVQ assessor, REC qualifications, and Professional Training Certificate, Voyager has assisted me in becoming a SAIIT member with the Institute of IT Training. In addition to continually adapting and developing our training options, I train Voyagers Professional, Voyager Commercial, and Voyager Infinity.

Tom Lowe 2019Tom Lowe – I have been a software trainer for over 12 years, working for Voyager for over 8 years. Since the launch of Infinity in 2013, I have developed the Web Help (HTML5) which is built into the system, as well as the continuing development of all training materials and website content. Having worked on a number of large projects, my driving of consistency and focus on each client’s needs has delivered long-term sustainable business. Specialises in Word, Excel, and HTML. Trains Voyager Commercial, Voyager Professional, and Voyager Infinity.

TimToakleyTim Toakley - I’m one of the trainers responsible for training on both Infinity and VDQ products here at Voyager. I’ve been in training for over 12 years with the last 7 years at Voyager. Previously I was a corporate trainer responsible for training sales, teams, support teams and retail sales advisors on new products in the microprocessor and workstation graphics cards area. This gave me great exposure to people with varying skill and experience which meant my training style changed to match the people I was training to make sure that they got the most out of each session.

Matt NardiMatt Nardi - I have been part of the Voyager Training team since 2013 and have over nineteen years of training and mentoring experience gained in governmental, private, public and voluntary arenas, working with a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds. I am qualified to PTLLS and IQA levels and was awarded an Outstanding grade by OFSTED. As both an experienced Trainer and Consultant for the VDQ and Mid Office team, I always look to design each training session around the client’s needs ensuring all present are engaged and confident with the product.

Mike JonesMike Jones - After leaving my role as the Team Leader of the Voyager Support department, I moved on to become an NVQ Assessor and Computer Science Lecturer with the local college acquiring numerous qualifications to support my new-found experience. I gratefully accepted the offer to return to Voyager in a training capacity, and have led the way in introducing new technologies and practices to assist the rest of the team in delivering the best quality training possible. With some wonderful feedback from our amazing clients, I have established myself as a key player within the team quicker than expected and I’m now involved in the delivery of projects of all shapes and sizes.




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